The Early Days of HH

I was in the first 6th grade class that met at All Souls in the fall of 1972. It was so much fun reconnecting with old friends from Nichols Hill Elementary and meeting new friends. I'll never forget the first chorus concerts in 7th grade with Billie Lewis - she encouraged me in so many ways and now I am the person who NEVER shies away from singing or speaking in public. I use my public speaking skills with confidence just I use the incredible English skills and grammar basics I learned from Marie Soderstron in middle school. I write with confidence knowing that I had the best of the best at Heritage Hall. I will NEVER forget the first football game on our own home field. Red dirt everywhere but it was ours. Moving from First Christian Church after our freshman year to the campus was amazing. It was our land - our school - our football field - our gym. Yes, things have changed since the 70's but I would never trade those first years of being a Charger for anything. It was a magical time.

- Kim Kamp Leslie '78

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