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As Heritage Hall celebrates our 50th year of operation, we're assembling a collection of the greatest Charger stories for use in various publications. Consider this your invitation to stroll down memory lane! Your submission might be about a special interaction with a teacher, the moment a friendship was made, that thing that happened at the prom... the sky is the limit! If you have an accompanying photo, please email to

Tell us about:

  • The people you most remember

  • What was happening at Heritage Hall or in the world during your Heritage Hall experience 

  • A memorable phrase, quote, or saying at the time

  • Your favorite Middle School Olympics memory

  • Your wildest adventure as a Charger

  • Your favorite place to go for off-campus lunch

  • Were you a member of student government, chess club, a cheerleader

  • Your favorite class or teacher

  • What you learned, life lessons, and ones in the classroom

  • An experience at Heritage Hall that changed your life

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